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Perachora is a village in the prefecture of Korinthia, 12 km north of Loutraki. It is built in the place of ancient Perea, which had been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the Middle Helladic and Late Helladic finds of the excavations in the area. The acme of the area is located between 750-725 BC. when it passed from the dominance of the Megarees to Ancient Corinth.

The Vouliagmeni lagoon
Gentle atmosphere and natural beauty in an unexpectedly beautiful scenery. It was named after the archaeological site of the Temple of Hera, located one kilometer from the lake. It is 12 km from Loutraki and in antiquity it was called "Eschatiotis" or "Gorgopis". 16 kilometers from Loutraki you will see a beautiful scenery. The green around tightens a closed lagoon. And Lake Vouliagmeni has already charmed you.

Close to the Vouliagmeni lagoon, a closed bay. It is the archaeological site of Heraion by the sea, an attraction that will gain your attention. The worship here began in the geometric period and the first arched temple of Hera was built in 8000 BC. Later, other temples, altars, shelters for the protection of sacred fire, galleries, market and auxiliary spaces were added. It is speculated that the ritual of the cult of Hera was made in the harbor, while in the rest of the area there were buildings for the service of the visitors.

Lighthouse Melagiva
It drives the ships that sail to the Corinthian and they move to the harbor and the Corinth Canal. For the first time in 1897 oil was used as a source of energy. During the Second World War, the beacon remained off. In 1947, as part of the reorganization of the pharmaceutical network, it re-opened. In 1982 the lighthouse was electrified, the oil machinery was replaced, and it was operated as a supervised electrician. Access to the lighthouse takes you by road from Loutraki to Lake Vouliagmeni. If you are in Faros late in the evening, you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the Corinthian Gulf!