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Vision and Mission

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L-Medical is a step towards growth in private health care in Greece, justifying the title of the basic leader in forming a healthy environment where credibility innovation and respect towards man and life, prevail.

The assurance of an advanced level of health services and offering high quality services as our priority, L-Medical is in there for forefront and is constantly supporting our services in both infrastructure and organization. Meanwhile we care for the attunement of technological advancement in the field of medicine.

Our Vision: To become a reference point in Greece for providing high quality health service.
Our mission: Working constantly with consistency and preservance for the realization of our vision through:

  • Providing high quality services
  • Education and constant update of our stuff and associates
  • Investment in new technology based on internationally recognized practices
  • The practice of excellent employment towards our staff
  • Our companies duty and targeted activity taking responsibility for our role in the marketplace, the environment, and our Municipality.